Elizabeth Cremo
Director of Education


Ever since the community of Eskasoni took local control over education in 1980, it has been the mission of the Eskasoni School Board to promote, preserve and protect Mi'kmaq language, culture and heritage for future generations.  Recent findings on the state of the Mi'kmaq language in our community show this to be a critical time in regards to the erosion of our language in our nation.  Working against the decline in our language and culture has been the driving force for the Eskasoni School Board for many years, as can be seen in our mission statement:

"Building on our respect for our MI'kmaq culture, heritage, and our commitment to lifeline learning, the Eskasoni education system works closely with the community to provide all our people with diverse holistic opportunities to gain knowledge, understanding, and skills that will help them succeed in the challenges of the future."   

This year, with our board's 35th anniversary, I am proud to announce that our mission statement is being breathed to life in the creation of the Eskasoni Mi'kmaq Immersion School.  Housed in the building formerly occupied by the Unama'ki TEC, the Eskasoni Immersion School will be a language hub center within the community.  This is partially done by bringing the TLE language center under its roof, giving teachers immediate access to language experts in the field of curriculum production.  Where once the immersion program was housed in the Eskasoni Elementary and Middle School,  the creation of this stand alone school will provide students with the opportunity to be schooled in an environment where Mi'kmaq is not only the language of instruction, but of all staff, peers and also promoted as the language of play and socialization.

It is the aim of the Eskasoni School Board to create a language hub at the Eskasoni Immersion School to provide parents and community members with opportunities to explore fluency and literacy in programs to promote the language for all.  It is indeed an exciting time, and the Eskasoni School Board is looking forward to the positive effect of this school on the future of our nation.